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If we talk about the best friend of a person then it comes to books. This very attribution inspired by young chap Shri Manish Jain. Fond of readings book became his first love and he decided to make his career is the field of books and mass education through books in general and kids in particular. This very inspiration to know the world of book and philosophy of life made Manish to initiate such venture and he started for a great aim by opening of Jainson Book Shop- A world of knowledge through books.
In 2001 Jainson Book Shop hosted National Book Fair which stole the show and became the part of history including such action participation of renowned 155 publications all over the country. JBS carve a rich in well known publisher and writers and poets as well. Having well identified in such a business of books and distribution JBS not glorify the city of Devi Ahilya Bai as well known the educational capital of Madhya Pradesh but whole country in revolutionary movement through book and awareness of reading. Now people around the world are busy inquiring about different book titles in JBS. This is not a matter of being proud of establishment but being factor of satisfaction.
JBS, now, is well known name in distributing of English, Hindi books of literature to maximum educational institutes of not in Indore city but around the states as well. Apart from being active in successful distribution face to face, JBS took a step to high tech the distribution by on-line it. This made avid readers more interested in logging on the information regarding books and price list. Due to online process, readers could able to sort out books according to their interest. In online catalogue, whole vital information has been encapsulated into systematic manner. This information has included title, writer, publication and IESBN numbers which could make the reader fully informed
Rang Prakashan : JBS has tried to ensure that well know authors poets and novelists should be introduced to their avid readers with interest. For that, Rang Prakashan came into being to serve such purpose. Rang Prakashan has been established by Manish Jain and Associate.
Bahurang : Bahurang is a multipurpose and creative Non government organization which promotes the cause of literary awareness, publication, environment awareness, water and energy preservation, education and well being works in health sectors.